Utstilling: Equivalenze | Federico Grandicelli

05.03 - 14.04

Federico Grandicelli
Honos Art

Åpner: lørdag 05.03


In this project I am working with black and white paper, working in the darkroom as a studio. Each photogram is the result of the paper exposed under the light of the enlarger after folding the sheet it in its different shapes. At the same time I recorded the image with a black and white instant film for large format cameras.

The task was to get one and only one unique photo of the object as well as the uniqueness of the photogram that would be generated in a few moments.
I find fascinating the biunique correspondence between the two images, a dialogue between the generator image and the generated one.

Another goal I achieved in this work is the desire to manipulate the photographic paper at will, playing with it, folding it and bending it, pushing and stretching the limitation of the material; not caring for the invasive effect of these procedures, but at the same time obtain also an image that is canonically “correct”. The desire to break the rules fits perfectly with the formalism that is the basis of my artist practice: having a rigorous process, direct and relatively simple, always concerned with making something unusual. Every new process or material that I use has different set of limitations and often it is about pushing the material to the limits of its ability, that is where I think interesting things happens, having a real physical relationship between the images, crossing the limitations of the photographic paper and allowing a physical relation with the material.

Federico Grandicelli