The National Budget 2021 - new 100 millions to grants

The National Budget 2021 - new 100 millions to grants

“The best news in the national budget is that it is proposed to strengthen the state's artist scholarship with 100 million, to 309 temporary grants and to stimulate production and activity in connection with the COVID-19 situation. 4 new permanent grants are also proposed. Also good news is that the size of artistic work grants is increased, from 276,805 NOK to 283,210 NOK, which is in line with the artists organizations' long-term work to ensure that work grants follow a normal wage increase. It shows that the Minister of Culture Abid Q. Raja listened to our input and understands that the most accurate aid for artists during the corona crisis is grants,” says chairman of the Association of Free Photographers, Thale Fastvold.

"The allocation percentage for grants - with only 10% of qualified applicants receiving them - is far too low, so it would be desirable for these temporary grants to be converted into permanent ones over time," says Fastvold.

Link to Art Council Norway about the new grants (in Norwegian):

Link to NRK about the national culture budget: