Arts Policies

Arts Policies

The Norwegian Association for Fine Art Photographers (FFF) is a nationwide member organization for camera-based artists, aimed at promoting independent photography as an artistic expression in Norway. The organization shall safeguard its members' professional, social, ideal and economic interests and be an active mediator of photography as an artistic expression. FFF has negotiating rights with the Norwegian Government (Ministry of Culture) and collaborates closely with the other visual arts organizations. FFF is also part of Kunstnernettverket and Felleosorganisasjonen Foto-Norge.

Since its establishment in 1974, FFF has fought to improve photographers' exhibition and grants opportunities and worked towards a national photo museum and better education for photographers. Several of these goals have been reached today, through FFF’s involvement in Fotogalleriet (1977), the Norwegian Photographic Foundation (NOFOFO) (1979), the Institute of Photography in Bergen (1990), the Preus Museum (1995) and the establishment of the Spring Exhibition (1976) and the Fotobokfestival Oslo (2009).

We are still experiencing a need to increase the professional and artistic understanding of the photographic media, and we therefore prioritize increasing the visibility of art photography in today's extensive visual culture.

FFF conducts extensive dissemination and development work to shed light on the understanding of photography as a language, as well as to increase public access to a more varied visual culture. Our two major dissemination projects The Spring Exhibition and Fotobokfestival Oslo are conducted annually with this as a basis.

Currently FFF’s focus is largely on professional dissemination and spreading knowledge of art photographer’s social and economic rights. One of FFF's core tasks is to strengthen the economic foundation for camera-based artists in the long term, and FFF is therefore actively trying to establish a purchasing program for photo books in Norway.

FFF's proposal for the purchasing program entails

1. Purchasing of photo books for public libraries (annual, continuous). FFF proposes a multi-titled purchase order but fewer copies; 703 to cover all public libraries. Because it will be a selective scheme, the publisher (artist) does not know in advance if the book will be purchased.
2. Purchasing of older photo books (three-year purchase plan) FFF emphasizes the need to safeguard the cultural heritage before it disappears and make it available to the entire population.
3. Securing a support scheme specifically earmarked new productions of photo books from Arts Council Norway (annual application, contionous). This will stimulate the production of new books and provide photo artists a means of spreading their art.