Utstilling - Palladio Songs - Dag Alveng

Dag Alveng - Palladio Songs
Shoot Gallery
5 - 21 March, 2020

Opening reception March 5th 18:00-20:00, Shoot Gallery, Oslo.

As photographers we must make a crucial decision: What do we choose to photograph? Often I have chosen to photograph where I am. It has been at the summer place - either Hvasser or Koster - during my holidays, at a psychiatric institution where I worked as a night guard, or the streets of New York where I lived. More recently I visited Italy, more specifically Veneto, in the area of Venice and Vicenza, to photograph Palladio architecture, to use his buildings as a starting point for new work.

Palladio's buildings are magical to me. He was a pioneering architect who has greatly influenced later architecture. It is fascinating to experience these buildings that are almost five hundred years old, yet so beautiful. They are on UNESCO's World Heritage list, have been devoured by the ravages of time, and maintained according to the owners' financial circumstance - some extremely well-maintained, others almost overgrown. I've been trying to convey the magic, or "The sound of one hand clapping", as Minor White put it. Edward Weston described it this way: "Whenever I feel a Bach Fugue in my work, I know I have arrived".

Personally, I think I'm trying to convey a timeless moment.

- Dag Alveng, 2020

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