Greta K. Andresen - The Grey Gallery - Eleven Spitsfields - Seven Artists

Grey Gallery is a nomadic entity working with artists, writers and musicians on a project by project basis and returns to Eleven Spitalfields, newly reconfigured with a beautiful double height main gallery and retaining the ground floor of the early Georgian townhouse which hosted previous exhibitions since 2010.


The 7 artists presented here all work directly or indirectly with photography.

Peter Abrahams’ stunning pigment prints paraphrase the great Dutch still life tradition for our times with a prescient nod to the predicament of the 21st century. Here the silver and grapes are replaced with polyurethane and found materials.

Marc Atkins’ images look out onto city and landscapes, at once elegant and desolate, located beneath the surface of immediate visibility.

Greta K. Andresen’s photographs of dereliction present the aspirations of designs for living. Her interiors expose a sense of being and the exterior shots of these ruins and their place in the landscape remind us of life's transience. In transit, for better or worse.

Liz Rideal complements the other photographers in this exhibition in a lateral sense. The ghostly drapes floating in these classical interiors present a positive view of the world. All might be lost but we are also made of liquid and air and it is good to be reminded that the built environment is only spiritual while we occupy it.

Miranda Argyle’s drawings and stitched pieces connect to her photography. Like WG Sebald, her work speaks of edges and territories whether it be a hat, a jacket, a room, a building or even a natural space temporarily occupied. Like Rideal and Abrahams, the beauty of the materials is seductive and hopeful.

Covadonga Valdes uses photography as a starting point for her intriguing and meticulous paintings of the natural world. Water, air and stone are rendered with the same schematic precision as that needed to design and manufacture machines, furniture and buildings. All of which are of course designed in the image of nature...

Jock McFadyen pursues his never ending quest to find the point where photography meets painting with a new suite of digital prints and collages.

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