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Stig Marlon Weston

BIRTH: 1974

CITY: Oslo

MAIL: stig@weston.no


I explore the basic fundamentals of photography through processes where the image is created as an imprint of reality. Making photographs both with and without a camera I have a certain affinity for analogue processes and experimental techniques htat can be shaped to fit whichever project I am currently working on.I always want to let the world as seen in and of itself to dominate my imagery in such an extent as to force the viewer to realize the subjectiveness of interpreted visual truth.
In 2023 I published the photobook "More somehow", as aresult of a long form collaboration with US photographer Meggan Gould, and I am working on a second book on climate ans scientific method from an artist residency in the Amazon rainforest.

In addition to my work as an artist and photographer I am manager of CYAN studio in Oslo with a photo studio, analog darkroom and gallery