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Sara Tanderø

BIRTH: 1975

CITY: Oslo

MAIL: saratandero@icloud.com


Sara Tanderø is a visual artist working with camerabased art. She works intuitively and this allows a lot of experimenting, turning photography into a performance enacted before the camera. She lives and work in Oslo, Norway. Educated at The Oslo National Academy of the Arts, School of Visual Arts New York, and ESAG Paris. Her work explores the relationship between staged photography and performance. Her work has been exhibited internationally and nationally, and is represented in private, public and corporate collections both in Norway and abroad.

Usually she works over time with her projects, experimenting with different artistic methods in photography, video, performance and drawing. She is not trying to achieve perfection in her photographs, rather a tactile expression or a feeling.

"My intuition guides me during the creative process. If I plan my projects too much, my work loose their intensity and natural expression. If I try to force something it never turns out good - it has to come naturally. Therefore, my projects need some time to ripen and to grow to see if they still work. And if they do, I know it`s a strong project."