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Ketil Olav Sand

BIRTH: 1947

CITY: Risør

MAIL: ketil@vindfanger.no


Close to an empty playground in the forest, in a snowless winter some years ago, I found a twig. It was slightly processed, length twice the width of a hand and threaded with leaves. The object was carefully brought back to my studio, stuck it in the wall where it soon became invisible and forgotten. Last winter the leaf-threaded twig emerged and I carefully began playing with it.

As a photographer I use the history of arts to study paintings, where compositions, use of light, how materials and textures are interpreted. My project with niche presenting various objects is obviously inspired by the tradition of stilleben, memento mori, vanitas, but the elements in my compositions are differently charged. In my images I play with shapes, colours and composition, showing my sense for materials and textures. Smooth, hard surface and soft curves in the conch placed on soft damask, in a niche, a frame, a shelf, a room in the wall, for storing, for display, a treasure, placed and kept.

I collected leaves from random trees outside my studio, whittled my twigs, made several niches and my project was born.