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Eva E. Schjetlein

CITY: Oslo

MAIL: evas@privateeye.no


Eva E. Schjetlein is a Norwegian photo artist who mostly uses analogue techniques. A strong drive in her photographical work is a longing for beauty in what is fragmented and broken down, looking for energy in what seems confused and disintegrated, trying to reach for what is beautiful. The project ”Glasshouse tales” expresses her great delight to be in and outside of the moist, lush and beautiful atmosphere of these houses. The old glasshouses ”suck” in light, shadows and depictions from the entirety of the surrounding area. This way they show a comprehensive and thrilling story.
Since 1998 she has had several solo exhibitions in art managed galleries in Norway, participated in various group exhibitions (Art Exhibition for Eastern Norway, Art Exhibition of the State, Day of Photography-Preus Museum, Gallery Steen) and has exhibited with Berit Hartveit. She has no formal education in photography, but has taken part in systematic courses held by Thera Mjaaland, workshops in Uppsala with a.o. Frank Watson, Espen Tveit and Timo Kelaranta. She worked earlier as a physiotherapist, teacher and textbook writer with a speciality in child physiotherapy.