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Andrea Gamst

BIRTH: 1987

CITY: Oslo

MAIL: [email protected]


Andrea is a photographer, activist and artist from Tromsø. She works with analog photography, acrylic and watercolor. She has a degree in photography, as well as having attended Bilder, Nordic School of Photography in Oslo and Høgre Fotografisk Utbildning at Kulturama in Stockholm.

Andrea is avid in various branches of photography and is a former Cyan Gallery gallery and photo editor for Smug Magazine. She has also done internship for high-end fashion photographer Sebastian Kim, alongside her own creative projects.

Andrea has participated in group exhibitions in Norway, Sweden and Portugal, the last of which was "Perspectivas" which hung at Casa Da Cultura in Comporta - Portugal in the summer of 2017.

In addition to her creative projects, Andrea is active in politics, activism and networking. Among other things, she is the founder of the network group Oslo Creatives.