Utstilling: Marianne Wie - River of Time

"River of Time" is a series of photographic images taken on the island of Nisyros during late winter and early spring 2018. They were shot on a medium format camera using out of date film. Most of these images consist of landscapes carrying traces of human life, or of buildings and interiors which are slowly being claimed back by nature. For me these photographs have a haunted melancholic feeling that I like to think is created by a combination of natural materials and traces left behind by the people who have passed through and lived in these places. What were their lives and dreams like? Where do their memories and history go to when they leave or die? Are they being stored somewhere? Is it possible to borrow memories from landscapes, places and other people’s lives? Maybe there is not any truth in this at all, it is just me who over-analyses everything and maybe the images are melancholic and depressing because I was hopelessly homesick when I took them. History is a twisted and subjective road and memories and places change with time. The title is taken from one of my favourite books called "I Curse The River of Time" by the Norwegian author Per Petterson. A sad but beautiful story about the complicated and ordinary life of a dark Scandinavian heart.

Marianne Wie (born 1972, Bergen, Norway) works as a freelance photographer and writer for Norwegian and English media. She has a Master in photography from Bergen Academy of Arts and Design and BA (HONS) in Sculpture from Chelsea College of Art and Design in London. Her art work mostly consists of photography and sculpture. Identity, memories, shame, time and nature are reoccurring themes in her work.




Insta: @marianne_wie