Siavash Kheirkhah


BY: Bergen

EPOST: siavash.kheirkhah@gmail.com


Siavash Kheirkhah (Iran, 1986) has a BA in Film in Iran and MFA from KMD in Bergen. He works with photography, film and video art with an experimental approach. He tries to investigate the relations in the states of being through the triangle of remembrance, vision and memory as my main focuses of practice. Distance is his recurring theme as he explores different states of being in distance, and the distance itself. He believes that we live in an in-between position. Every object that we know well, becomes less familiar after getting distanced from. This alienation and deconstruction cause fragmentation in our minds as we try to recover what has already extinct. Siavash exhibits internationally in Germany, Greece, Dubai, Turkey, China. He also had several shows in Norway.