Gruppeutstilling - Hilde Aagaard - All Together Now

25.06.2020 – 31.07.2020

The Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center presents
the group show All Together Now. The show will run until July 31st 2020.

Black, white, green, red
Can I take my friend to bed?
Pink, brown, yellow, orange, and blue I love you
(The Beatles, 1969)

The group show All together now came as a spontaneous inner response to the unexpected global circumstances of the last period, which radically overturned our daily lives. Coming back after two months of lockdown, we felt the need to get together again. The online viewings of various exhibitions have been proved inadequate to replace the physical contact with the artworks, as many of us already suspected. As a result, twenty-seven Greek and foreign artists, old and new collaborators of the gallery, gathered together to present works that represent different media, different generations, different concerns.

The participating artists are:

Akrithakis Alexis, Andreadis Dimitris, Antonitsis Dimitrios, Apostolou Eugenia, Varotsos Costas, Dimitropoulou Martha, Zervos Maria, Theofylaktopoulos Makis, Coulentianos Costas, Mitala Eva, Mouzakitou Frini, Baboulis Dimitris, Baboussis Manolis, Bassanos Kostas, Bouteas Yannis,Nalbantidou Lia, Pantazopoulou Ioanna,Papathanasiou Alexandros, Roufanis Aristotle, Stamatakis George, Foutris Dimitris, Christidi Katerina, Aagaard Hilde, Barclay Per, Bevilacqua Michael, Huemer Markus, Tottie Sophie.

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Thumbnail and banner:
Hilde Aagaard, Going with the Flow I-II, 2000
Drawing on paper, 62x83x5cm