Fotobok: Dan Skjæveland - 33 Suspensions

Dan Skjævelands nye bok 33 Suspensions er utviklet i samarbeid med Brad Feuerhelm og Nearest Truth Editions. Boken inneholder 33 bilder som gjennom en blanding av bokstavelige og konseptuelle tolkninger gir et unikt perspektiv på temaet "suspensions."

Om publikasjonen:

Dan Skjæveland

33 Suspensions (2023)

Størrelse: 24 cm x 30,3 cm

Antall sider: 72

Format: Hardcover

Opplag: 300

Veil. utsalgspris: 450 NOK

ISBN: 978-82-303-6097-2

Fotografi: Dan Skjæveland

Art Direction og utvalg: Brad Feuerhelm & Dan Skjæveland

Design: Fernanda Fajardo & João Linneu (Kakkalakki)

Forlag: Selvpublisert/Nearest Truth Editions

Boken er tilgjengelig hos Tronsmo og via https://danskjaeveland.com


Reduce. Minimize. Find a common typology and seek an analogous form. Repeat. De-saturate. Enable. Meaning is derived from our capacity to invent. Imagine. Find trace and allow it to infiltrate and inform. Without drawing parallels, we seek answers in what little has been given to us. Repeat. Reduce. Imagine.

Dan Skjæveland is a Norwegian artist whose new book 33 Suspensions asks the viewer to engage with clues and cryptic signals. Slippage occurs; memories of memory. Rules are fragmented and declarations declined.

Decode. Decipher. Glyphs. Numbers.

Skjæveland’s images are demarcated by muted color, potential connections.

Transparencies, reflections, smudges and remnants. Residues of an urban palette. Gradations of grey, an interplay between warm and cool. Tensions hang in the air, almost-abstraction modulating earth tone and metallic.

The viewer draws out their own meanings from the work. The images brood in an obtuse melancholy and echo American conceptual practice. To delineate a strict path of meaning would disable the work and encroach on the profane. Conceive. Deceive. Contradict.

33 Suspensions is not an exercise in willful avoidance. There is instead courage to assemble and proliferate ambiguous images, origins masked and muddied. What reality do we occupy? Skjæveland’s images shimmer in their instability. As they take form and recede, the viewer is invited into a world without absolutes.

-Brad Feuerhelm, October 2023