Greta Kirkwood Andresen


BY: Oslo / Edinburgh


Greta Kirkwood Andresen is a Norwegian/British photographer, author/photographer of the fine art photography books The Sands of Time published in the UK in 2015 and Road to Havana published in Norway in 2011. Former founder/director of Kirkwood.no Gallery (Oslo's alternative art gallery with a social profile) from 2005-08, and she holds a postgraduate diploma in Journalism from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, and a Bachelor of Arts (hons) in Photography from Napier University, Edinburgh.

She has partaken in both solo and group shows in Oslo, Edinburgh, London as well as selected for the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2019 in London, and her photographs are represented in public and private collections. She worked pro-bono in 2011 to document the process of several street artists who came to Oslo to participate in T&J Artwalk for Human Rights Watch, as well as contributing on other humanitarian projects and she has been a member of The Society of Fine Art Photographers in Norway (FFF) since 2001. The last few years she has travelled through Egypt, Jordan, Israel and the West Bank and Lebanon in conjunction with her latest project the Sands of Time;

"Greta Kirkwood Andresen's Sands of Time is a beautifully poetic take on the complexity of Africa and the Middle East. The work reflects the interest, awe and compassion felt by Kirkwood in retracing earlier steps over those lands. The insightful texts and poetry that accompany the images draw one into her mind's eye and its reflection of her deeply personal experience of these lands. One is left with a sense of both the urgency of the political situation in much of the region but also the resilience of human life under the deepest adversity", Dr Lee Salter (Lecturer in Media Communications/ Author/Writer &Co-Producer of the film 'Secret City')