Winner of 1st Place in Professional Fine Art Category - Gjert Rognli - What Nature Knows

The Norwegian Association of Fine Arts Photographers (FFF) congratulates artist and FFF-member Gjert Rognli for receiving his award "1st Place in Professional Fine Art category" by the prestigious FAPA, Fine Art Photography Awards in Great Britain.

With the photo project "What nature knows", Rognli draws in references from his affiliation with Arctic Northern Norway, to light, darkness and the seasons. He transforms ordinary landscapes into an enigmatic place to be and takes us on a visual experience in evening and night atmosphere. In the project, he immerses light installations in water, and creates harmony where there is conflict between the elements. He illuminates nature with LED lights and luminescent material.

The project reminds us of our connection to nature, and according to the Biophilia hypothesis introduced by the American biologist Edward O. Wilson, humans have an innate instinct to connect emotionally with nature and other life forms, including natural light and light changes.

The force of nature are at the heart of Gjert Rognli`s award- winning practice, where references to everyday life and the surreal meet. Each of the scenario he create embodies an underlying conflict. Rognli's indigenous background have strongly influenced his art, and his interpretation of reality. Rognli has received numerous international awards for his work with photography and film, and had many exhibitions at home and abroad, amongst others Louvre museum. He has worked at many of Norway's most important cultural institutions such as Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, and The National Theatre.

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Banner: From the series What Nature Knows by Gjert Rognli
Thumbnail: Portait by Gjert Rognli