Exhibition - Sara Skorgan Teigen - Sharing Tent - nodoCCS/Arteriet

Sara Skorgan Teigen
Sharing Tent
The VI Festival de Video nodoCCS
Galleri Arteriet 14.11. - 22.11.2020

The VI Festival de Video nodoCCS 2020 showcases 45 video installations from 24 countries. The festival has a varied opening program Saturday and Sunday November 14-15th. On Sunday artist Sara Skorgan Teigen premieres her installation Sharing Tent.

The VI Festival de Video nodoCCS will arrive in Norway with its sixth edition, which will take place From November 14th to November 22nd 2020 in Kristiansand, thanks to the alliance with Naysa Andrade in the spaces of 51k arteriet gallery (Lumberveien 51k), and expands further than the gallery space with a new hybrid format: this year's Festival programming is divided into three lines that can be enjoyed depending on your location and desire to participate, the three lines are: nodoCCS#Norway, nodoCCS#Digital and nodoCCS#Experimental.

For the whole timetable of online open free virtual activities go to the instagram and website of nodoCCS

The selection committee is formed by 4 interdisciplinary artists: Carlos Castillo, Ángela Bonadies, Alexander Apóstol and Sara Skorgan Teigen, and for the first time the MFA students from Agder University as a group collaborated as part of the selection and curatorial processes for the Festival.

Founded by the Venezuelan artists Maria Bilbao·Herrera and Diana Rangel in Caracas -where the Festival has been held for four consecutive years- the nodoCCS Festival was held in Barcelona, Spain last year and moves again in 2020 to Norway offering a plural look at the various proposals of contemporary video artists inside and outside of Venezuela, through a selection of videos made from an online call open to all international video artists.

In total, around 340 videos were received from all over the world; 45 of them were selected from 24 countries, to date, nodoCCS has held its programming and its festival in Caracas, Lima, Bogotá, Miami, Berlin, Madrid, Karazin (Ukraine), Mexico City and Athens. 45 selected artists from the open call will be presented both in Arteriet and online: Luis Carlos Rodríguez /España | Pablo Zapata /Venezuela | Sunya Ratio /México | Analía Zalazar /Argentina | Flounder Lee /Usa | Laura Luna Castillo /México | Florencia Palacios /Argentina | Diana Lopez /Venezuela | Joana rosa /España | Van Bui /Vietnam | Santiago Serrano /Ecuador | Deborah Kelly /Australia | Melvin Lara /México | Camila Rodriguez Triana /Colombia | Lorena González Di Totto /Venezuela | Maria Verónica Machado Penso /Venezuela | Muriel Montini /France | MAx Provenzano /Venezuela | Gianni Barelli /Italy | Marienna García-Gallo /Venezuela | Rupert Jörg /Germany | Tânia Moreira David & Paulo B. Menezes /Portugal | studio Third World Collective /India/USA | SHON KIM /S.Korea | Selena Ryan /USA | Tina Willgren /Sweden | Nathaniel Sullivan /Canada | Piotr Piasta /Poland | Alvaro Herrera (Univalle) /Colombia | Wild Pear /Serbia | Ricardo Benaim, Daniela Díaz Larralde, Diana Montoya López y Mirtru Escalona Mijares /Venezuela | Jack Thomson /UK | Hiroya Sakurai /Japan | Gyonyoung Yoon /Korea | rick niebe /Italy | sandra araújo /Portugal | Laura Sala /España | Hugo Ljungbäck /Sweden | Mattia Biondi /Italia | Anahi González //México | Shivkumar K V /India | Ulises Valdés-Berra /México | Philippos Kappa /Greece | Federico Vegas /Venezuela | Corina Lipavsky & Marithe Govea Meoz /Venezuela, accompanied by last years winner David Anthony Sant | Australia, who will show its latest video piece called “Transmission”.

For the first time the project “Sharing tent” an ongoing project by interdisciplinary Norwegian artist Sara Skorgan Teigen, will be shown in the spaces of Arteriet, as an installation that invites us to visualize the things that are invisible, like our inner experience of grief. The artist will be present in Kristiansand and will show her work online as part of the nodoCCS#digital program.

Invited Norwegian artists will be part of the events in Arteriet: Jonas Magnussen, Ida Fugli (Flux Manøver), Jon S Lunde, Kristian Isachsen and Silje Egeland and Richard DeDomenici with The Redux Project from United kingdom.

Ferne the 2nd Itinerant Festival of Electronic Music for Visuals, a project by Ethcorecords, presents 7 videos for the first time in the gallery space, including a piece by Venezuelan artists Miguel Noya and Thomas Noya among others.

As every year, nodoCCS offers a space for experimental electronic music, and on this occasion, and in this sixth edition, Ignacio Itriago and Bernardo Risquez will be present, in an experimental online live performance from Caracas Venezuela as part of the online program the festival brings this year into the gallery spaces in Kristiansand.

Open (digitally-located) Festival activities:


Connecting the local and international creative scenes for nine days in November 2020, the VI Festival de Video nodoCCS brings together video artists, installation works and experimental curated online art experiences from around the world at Arteriet Gallery (Norway). The hybrid event includes live shows, video screenings, experimental open screenings, live music, and more, all of which will be broadcast from Caracas and Barcelona in the form of free digital events that will take part throughout the duration of the Festival in Norway from November 14th to the 22nd 2020.

On Saturday 14th and until Sunday 22nd November, nodoCCS becomes an audiovisual platform, broadcasting its full program live and free. Click Here for the full program.

The events are free and open to anyone to participate.

The virtual program will co-exist with in-person activities in Arteriet Gallery in Kristiansand , Norway.

More information on the Norway online and relocated program here