Exhibition - Geir Egil Bergjord - Tur-retur STAVANGER

Geir Egil Bergjord
Stavanger Maritime Museum
12.11. - 06.04. 2021

The exhibition Tur-retur STAVANGER was opened with speeches by Jane Sverdrupsen, director at Rogaland Art Center and Inge Eikeland, department director at Museum Stavanger.

Tur-retur STAVANGER is a video installation based on the recordings of several hundred ferry travels in the now closed Stavanger - Tau connection. The travels were filmed from small boat houses and other houses at the coast entrance to Stavanger.

After the national road 13 Ryfast was opened on December 30th 2019, the majority of traffic have been channeled through the world's longest underwater tunnel. The car ferries that for 80 years were a clear element in Stavanger's cityscape have now become history. Tur-retur STAVANGER captures in a visual language some of what has been lost.

The project is shown as a multi-channel video installation adapted to the exhibition space in Stavanger Maritime Museum. Played in constant loop, the films are projected in large format in the darkened room - as an all-encompassing experience where the feries "break" the projected surface of the images.

The exhibition is supported by Regional project funds for visual arts, Stavanger municipality, Rogaland county and Art Council Norway.

Geir Egil Bergjord (1964) is a visual artist living in Stavanger. He works with camera-based expressions in the form of exhibitions, books, films and art in public spaces. Bergjord photographs on 'location' and works to achieve visually complex images, often with an unexpected juxtaposition of environment and trivialities. His works have been exhibited at Haugar Vestfold Art Museum, Lillehammer Art Museum and Drammes Museum, among others, and they have been purchased by KODE, Stavanger Art Museum and Arts Council Norway. Several of Bergjord's photo books have been published by his own publisher, Gilka, and in 2018 he launched the art project Gilka QTLY, in the form of a magazine with national distribution in Narvesen shops.

Photo: Still image from Tur-retur STAVANGER © Geir Egil Bergjord/BONO 2020