Apply to Spring Exhibition 2023

The application portal for Spring Exhibition 2023 is now open for applications! This year's deadline is November 1st at 1PM.

Good luck with the process!

For more information and guidlines visit the official website:

About the Spring Exhibition
The Spring Exhibition was established in 1976 by approval of the Norwegian Association of Fine Arts Photographers’ (FFF - Forbundet Frie Fotografer) annual general assembly. As an opposition to The Autumn Exhibition, the official Salon tradition in Norway, the Spring Exhibition was to be organized by FFF to ensure the inclusion and exposure of lens-based art practices in the contemporary art field. It is an annual group exhibition based on open submissions selected by a jury of fellow professionals.

About the jury
The jury for the exhibition is chosen by the FFF members at the General Assembly. For 2023 the jury members are Sofie Amalie Klougart, Tobias Liljedahl, Yanir Shani and Åsne Eldøy (deputy member).

BKHs Art Photography Prize
Since 2010, The Relief Fund for Visual Artists (BKH - Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond) have annually announced and awarded the Art Photography Prize, Norway’s largest art photography prize, to the most significant artist displayed at the exhibition. The winner is chosen by a separate jury consisting of the chair of the Spring Exhibition, an artist representative from FFF and a representative from The Norwegian Critics Association (Norske Kritikerlaget).

Photo: Tor Ulstein