Art Photography Prize 2020

The designated winners of the Art Photography Prize 2020 was awarded to Yamile Calderon and Edward Cunniffe for their work Accidentally I got a GoPro.

FFF congratulates the winners with the award!


The Spring Exhibition was established by artists for artists in 1976 by approval of FFF’s annual general meeting. As an opposition to The Autumn Exhibition, the official Salon for showcasing contemporary art in Norway, the Spring Exhibition was established to ensure the inclusion and exposure of lens-based art practices in the contemporary art field. It is an annual group exhibition based on open submissions selected by a jury of fellow part professionals.


Bildende Kunstnernes Hjelpefond is a significant sourcing partner of grant support in the field of art. With the help from the Art Tax, BKH makes a clear contribution to the securing of diversity and new creativity in Norwegian visual art. The Art Photography Prize is an annual award of 150.000 NOK given to one of the participating artists in the Spring Exhibition along with the work seen to be most meaningful for the exhibition.

Since 2010, The Relief Fund for Visual Artists have annually announced and awarded the Art Photography Prize, Norway’s largest art photography prize, to the most significant artist displayed at the exhibition.

Banner og thumbnail: Yamile Calderon & Edward Cunniffe, Accidentally I got a GoPro, videoinstallasjon, 2020. Foto: Istvan Virag