Utstilling: Fotogalleriet: Nordic Anthology. Gruppe 11 | Marius Moldvær | Marthe Elise Stramrud | Ellen Henriette Suhrke

Then one thing led to another

The collective Gruppe 11 invites nine Norway-based artists/curators to consider their latest group exhibition. Collaborations and interventions hold this group together: the artists involved function as individuals, pairs, and a group to complete the project.

With works by: Hedvig Biong in conversation with Pete Fleming, Elias Björn in conversation with Ragnhild Aamås, Eivind Egeland in conversation with Maria Lyngstad Willassen, Audar Kantun in conversation with Lina Norell, Carl-Oskar Linné in conversation with Allyce Wood, Marius Moldvær in conversation with Lewis & Taggart, Arne Pedersen in conversation with Karen Nikgol, Marthe Elise Stramrud in conversation with Gunnhild Torgersen, Ellen Henriette Suhrke in conversation with Kristine Dragland.


NORDIC ANTHOLOGY is an exhibition program by open call dedicated to recently graduated artists with a Nordic connection, presented at Fotogalleriet’s newly established project space. With a two-weeks span per exhibition, NORDIC ANTHOLOGY aims to create a vibrant temporality within the larger anniversary program, allowing the natural differences between the formats to confront multiple curatorial researches and approaches raised by image-based art.

NORDIC ANTHOLOGY’s name derives from the latin etymology of anthology – florilegium, a gathering of flowers – expanding on its notion of assembled high or exemplary excerpts from an existing pattern collection, and in a broader sense on its thematic compilation as the one of a publisher, a didactic writer, a prose and muse almanac – or of a curator.


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