Boklansering - 100 Norwegian Photographers

100 Norwegian Photographers lanseres på Cyan i Oslo 1. november 2019 kl
19 - 21.

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Curated and edited by the artist Ina Otzko, 100 Norwegian Photographers is an extensive book of photos from Norway's current photography scene.

Otzko gives space to works by one hundred photographers from her country, including renowned artists such as Dag Alveng, Jonas Bendiksen, Knut Bry, Morten Krogvold, Annemor Larsen, and Mikkel McAlinden.

Containing several double pages spreads for each photographer, the book is a vivid archive of Norway's multifaceted contemporary photography. It unites various genres, from landscape and nature photography to fashion and experimental photography, and from the elaborately staged work to years-long photojournalistic documents and the seemingly random snapshot.

Publisher: Hatje Cantz Verlag
Graphic design: Paul Dring / Hothorse Design Bureau
Texts: Antonio Cataldo, Jens Friis, Paul Halliday, Celina Lunsford
Cover image © Bård Ek