Ina Otzko

BY: Norway / Italy

EPOST: [email protected]


INTERIORS. The project explores the complexity of continuous temporarily arrivals in various countries and cities. (Positano, Florence, London, Berlin, Arkhangelsk).  Each series captures a live performance lasting about 30-60 minutes. The various poses are spontaneous reactions and direct experiences of the environment’s extant energy but can also be seen as moments of order, moments of confrontation and self consolidation. However familiar these interiors appear, the artist’s body is given a specific function in experimenting how new spaces transpires or is created between meeting and confrontation with inner and outer, longing and belonging, intimacy and vulnerability. The series investigates the uncanny of the unknown. How someone’s presence in any given set can affect and change your perception of that space. Equally how, when does a space affect one’s memory, alter one’s identity, perception and behaviour within it? 

Selections of INTERIORS has been presented in various venues: North Norwegian Art Centre/ Sami Center for Contemporary Art, Norway/ Luleå Konsthall, Sweden/ Stormen Kulturhus, Norway/ Lillehammer kunstforening, Norway/ St. Petersburg Museum of Nonconformist Art, Russia/ Ingo Seufert Gallery for Contemporary Photography, Germany/ Museum Castel dell'Ovo, Napoli, Italy/ Arkhangelsk International Cultural Center, Russia / Cosmoscow Art Fair, Moscow, Russia. Upcoming: Bodø Art Society.