Erik Sæter Jørgensen


BY: Stavanger/Toulouse

EPOST: [email protected]


Sæter Jørgensen is a self-taught artist, initially receiving a Bachelor’s degree in economics before moving on to editorial and commercial photography. Disillusioned with commercial projects and making images for ‘clients’, he quit in order to pursue creating art full-time. Sæter Jørgensen’s work is closely linked to his biography – either it is political activism, experiences linked to exploring his environment in new cities or seeking emotional truths. He works mainly within the medium of photography and objects linked to the photographic image.

Sæter Jørgensen has been an artist-in-residence in Berlin (DE) and Linz (AT) and has been included in the annual National Art Exhibition at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo. He is a member of the Norwegian Visual Artists Association and the Young Artists’ Society.