Fotobokfestival Oslo 2017


Opening Friday September 15th at 18.00
Opening speeches by Harald Nissen (MDG) and Katinka Maraz (FFF)

Fotobokfestival Oslo welcomes you to a one-week programme examining the photobook as an artistic medium and phenomenon through exhibitions, lectures, talks, new releases and more. Fotobokfestival Oslo was established by Forbundet Frie Fotografer (Norwegian Association of Fine Art Photographers – FFF) in 2009, and now takes place annually each September.

Arbeidersamfunnets plass is the venue for this year’s festival and here you will find our main exhibition Contemporary, Precious, Punk curated by  Behzad Farazollahi and Christian Tunge from MELK and Heavy Books.

Connected to the festival is also its satellite program, in which relevant participants contribute to the festival program with their own exhibitions and events. This year we are happy to announce Fotografiens Hus, MELK, Mellomstasjonen and Tronsmo as festival satellites. 


The festival venue consists of three shipping containers showing the main exhibition: Precious, Contemporary, Punk. Each word is assigned a separate exhibition space - and combined they showcase the variety of photo books to be found within the genre.

In the Precious-container a selection of rare and iconic photobooks is on display, with titles from Robert Frank, Ansel Adams and Dag Alveng amongst others. On display in the Contemporary-container are a variety of recent and experimental photobooks, their production made possible by new printing technology. The focus is on photo fanzines and zines in the Punk-container, with contributions from Bergen Zines, Born for Burning, Kniven Press and more.

In addition to this, there is also a small festival book store, with a selection of photobooks and publications for sale related to the main exhibition. Here you will also find new releases by FFF members. This year’s festival cafe is People’s, right across from the main area.


Tronsmo kicks off the program with a pre-festival warm up event. The day before the opening they invite you to the launch of Morten Andersen’s newest publication Country.Rock. In addition to this they expand their already quite rich phonebook department for the duration of the festival.

18.00: Opening Precious, Contemporary Punk at Arbeidersamfunnets plass.
19.00: Opening Hard Copy - André Tehrani på MELK
20.00: Artist talk med Terje Abusdal at Fotografiens Hus

Not to mention Oslo Kulturnatt!

15.00-17.00: Launches and new releases People’s, Arbeidersamfunnets plass.

Fotobokfestival Oslo invites you to an event dedicated solely to new releases. FFF-members will do a show and tell with their latest photo book projects. Come by and flip through the new publications - induced with the fresh smelling flavors of the printing press. Maybe get your book signed?

New releases by

  • Verena Winkelmann ”SONE” (presenting)
  • Bergen Zines presenterer 3 publikasjoner v/ Ann Kristin Stølan (presenterer)
  • Uncertain States (presenting)
  • Ellen Henriette Suhrke - Touch tours (launch only)
  • Christian Tunge - ”Apophenia” (launch only)
  • Erik Viklund ”Söder” (launch only)
  • Sidsel Jørgensen - Kristiansand kultur og ritualer og A better day (presenting)
  • Geir Brungot ”A serious Man” v/ Olav Løkke (presenting)
  • Morten Torgersrud - FOG (launch only)
  • ANGLES v Multipress (presenting):
  • Angle 17°, Aglaia Konrad «Shaping Stones"
    Angle 18°, Ingrid Book & Carina Heden «It seems something could´t be seen or told" Angle 19°, Mouna Karray “Nobody Will talk about us”
    Angle 20°, Andrea Grundt Johns "Filicology


Seminar - The National Conference on Photography 2017 at Nasjonalbiblioteket. The photobook appears in many forms, but what is it really? And what meaning has it had in the history of Norwegian photography? The program for this year’s national conference will explore these questions and the historical and present connection between the book and photography.

The national conference for photography is arranged by Preus Museum and Nasjonalbiblioteket. With this year’s collaboration with Forbundet Frie Fotografer and Fotobokfestival Oslo everything is set for an exciting and informative event.

The seminar is free for members of FFF, and requires pregistration.

18.00-19.00: Curator- talk with guests at Mellomstasjonen - Christian Tunge in conversation with Victoria Browne and Eline Mugaas.


Norwegian photo books

Mellomstasjonen is proud to present a selection of photo books from the National Museum's research library during the Fotobokfestival Oslo 2017. Fotobokfestival Oslo focuses on the photo book as an artistic expression and phenomena - through exhibitions, lectures, artist talks and more. The National Museum's research library and -archive is Norway's leading in the fields of visual arts, architecture, crafts and design. It contains an extensive collection of books and journals for all of the museum’s relevant disciplines. In it there is documentation of the museum's own history and activities, as well as a number of private archives. Photo books are a key part of the documentation of contemporary art and is gathered continuously for the library collection. On display for this exhibition is a selection of books that can be regarded as Norwegian pearls.

Mellomstastsjonen is also hosting the curator talk at 18.00 - 19.00 on the 21st of September. Christian Tunge will have a conversation with Victoria Browne and Elise Mugaas about this year’s photo book festival and contemporary photo books in general.

Radius 500 meter - Abusdal & Abusdal
Fotografiens hus

Terje Abusdal has created an exhibition and book with origins in the photo archive of his grandfather Åsmund Abusdal. "Radius 500 meter" is a historical document about local society in the 1970s and 80s, portrayed via a series of personal images from Setesdal. The photographs convey small glimpses of everyday life taken at a time when oil wealth had not yet arrived from the North Sea.
The exhibition period is 31.08 - 24.09. Friday the 15th the gallery will have extended extended opening hours from 18.00 - 22.00, and there will be an artist talk with Terje Abusdal at 20.00. For more information please visit Fotografiens hus

Hard Copy - André Tehrani

André Tehrani’s solo exhibition Hard Copy explores notions of standardization, digitalization and editioning as conceptual starting points. With this project Tehrani also calls attention to the exhibition format as a kind of presentational system, by visualizing the communicational material that accompanies the show – i.e the exhibition title, the press release and the list of works – and having these instructional texts masquerade as art objects in the gallery space.

Exhibition period is 15.09 - 08.10. Fore more information please visit

Fotobøker på Tronsmo
Tronsmo extends and highlights its photo book department during the festival. For more information please follow Tronsmo’s Facebook, or visit their web site Tronsmo!


15 - 21 september
Main exhibition at Arbeidersamfunnets plass
Opening: Friday september 15th at 18.00 - 22.00
16. 09 - 21.09: 12.00 - 18.00

Please see the individual satellites for their opening hours

Norsk Kulturråd
Norsk Fotografisk Fond
Fritt Ord
Oslo Kommune

A big thanks to the Hasselblad Foundation, Fotogalleriet Archives and Morten Andersen for lending us publications to the Precious - container.

Banner photo: Detail, book installation Peter Puklus. Photo: Julia Kubisty / Thisispaper Studio Thumbnail photo: SORROW WITH A BRAIN. Photo: B4B