Exhibition - Nils Olav Bøe - ON LANDSCAPE

Nils Olav Bøe - ON LANDSCAPE
Photography, sculpture/painting installation.

In the studio, Bøe operates as a director, set designer and world creator in miniature.

Bøe builds up his carefully studied and composed constructions with the help of small-scale miniature objects, into a stage/installation, which he photographs with a time-consuming lighting with a large format analogue camera. In this exhibition he uses polaroid film, and shows polaroid originals and enlargements.

Bøe photographs with little depth of field, which obscures the topography of a vibrating abstract structure that dissolves. A type of reality, built into materiality and recognizable forms.

The sculpture/painting installation consists of a table shape, with 18 paintings. Some of the paintings are used as part of the scenography in some of the photo works. The installation incorporates the theme from the photographs, where the painting is "rougher" in the design, painted with oil on primed aluminium plates.

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