Exhibition - Marte Aas - Francine (was a machine)

January 17th - April 27th 2019
Marte Aas
Francine (was a machine)
Kunsthall Trondheim

The exhibition Francine (was a machine) presents film, photography and objects by Marte Aas. In her works, Marte Aas presents the everyday with a gaze that offers us something known, yet undefined - a way that reminds us of the strangers gaze. Throughout her artistic career, she uses this kind of gaze - a gaze which also involves trust regarding the photo and camera. With given time, what will come to show? In the obvious ordinary and everyday, new layers and meanings come to show.

The exhibition runs through January 17th - April 27th 2019, in collaboration with Minimalen Kortfilm Festival.

Marte Aas is a photographer and film maker. Aas´ main area of interest is the intersection between contemporary image culture, history, technology and landscape. Her work attempts to address underlying structures and gestures that form political and ideological narratives. The different subjects of interest visualizes in the form of films, photographs and installations, folding them into non-linear and layered narratives.