Fotobokfestival Oslo 2020

FFF - The Norwegian Association for Fine Arts Photographers are delighted to announce the curator for Fotobokfestival Oslo 2020. The appointed curator for next year is artist and photographer Ethan Rafal.

Ethan Rafal is an artist and photographer based in San Francisco, California and Oslo, Norway. His work deals with the individual and collective experience of violence, and the ways in which subsequent representations of violence inform personal and national mythologies. He teaches, mentors, helps run an art space, collaborates with social practice and activist groups, and curates projects in Europe and North America.

Rafal’s work functions at the intersection of photography, expanded art practice, social science research, and activism. His principal output is through photography, books, installation, and a unique presentation method that is equal parts performance art and oral tradition story telling. Major presentations of a 12-year project, Shock and Awe, were conducted in 100 venues across 14 countries. This book, and its associated performance, was presented at museums, universities, but also in many non-traditional venues, including public spaces, often created for the work itself.

FFF has already begun planning for next year's festival and we look forward to collaboration with Ethan further in 2019/2020.