Member Benefits

Artist insurance from BAFO


The Artist insurance policy is a joint insurance collaboration between a number of Norwegian artists organizations. The organizations have joined forces to obtain an offer on a member’s insurance on behalf of a large group of artists.    

We are proud to  have been able to secure this insurance plan, which will mean significantly lower insurance costs for most of our members. The offer is available for FFF-members from January 2018, and includes specific member prices for:

    •    Property insurance
    •    Travel insurance
    •    Family accident insurance
    •    Fatality risk insurance
    •    Disabled pension insurance
    •    Children insurance
    •    Treatment insurance
    •    Occupational injury insurance
    •    Interruption insurance (Sick leave)
    •    Office insurance
    •    Valuable object insurance

As part of the collaboration, you as a member may also receive discounts on privat insurances such as:

  • Car insurance
  • House insurance
  • Boat insurance
  • Holiday home insurance
  • And more

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