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Ina Otzko

CITY: Norway / Italy

MAIL: [email protected]


Ina Otzko b. 1972, lives and works in Northern Norway and Southern Italy. She holds a dual Master’s from the Image and Communication (2004) and Fine Art (2007) programs at Goldsmiths College in London and an additional Master’s degree in Sound Studies (2012) from Berlin University of Arts, UdK. Otzko was the first to receive Twendeprisen / Twende Art Award in 2018.

 Otzkos oeuvre presents contemplations on the human condition and behaviour and is influenced by philosophy and mysticism – particularly in context to time and space and her personal search for spiritual and emotional transformation. Her inspiration is drawn from her extensive journeys set against research of mankind’s encounter with time. Through her artistic process she explore the complexity between memory and experience, reality and representation, human behaviour and spiritual ecology. She moves between employing analogue and digital technology, an exchange which offers alternative ways of reflecting upon time and the juxtaposition of our (dis)connected existence. Her current projects explore questions regarding relationships, identity and ownership of landscape and body, matters of borders and the space between.