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Aase Hilde Brekke

CITY: Oslo, Norway

MAIL: [email protected]


Aase-Hilde Brekke has been working with photography, film, as a visual and performance artist since 1992 focusing on cross-over works.

She is a Member of FFF (Forbundet Frie Fotografer), NBK (Norske Billedkunstnere/The association of Norwegian visual artists), NFFO (Norsk faglitterære forfatter og oversetterforening/ The Norwegian Non-fiction Writers And Translators Association).

She has participated in the group exhibition Homage á Iver Jåks (2008-2010), which ended with a seminar in The National Gallery of Norway. She has exhibited in USA, England, and Germany. She has received many scholarships for her art work, among others from The Norwegian Culture Department, The Norwegian foreign Ministry, Nord-Norsk Filmsenter.

She has broad teaching experience from universities and different institutions, among others: NTNU, UIO, UIB, and Norsk Kulturskoleråd also writing The National Curriculum for visual art (2015) for visual art teachers. From august 2015 she is offering lectures about performance art through the national network Norske Kunstforeninger. In her performance art based on multimedia (photo, video, installation works) she has as well engaged children and youngsters into her art-work, and has broad teaching experience as a teaching-artist.

Brekke holds an MA with the title “Meditative Presence,” a survey of the performance The Artist Is Present, by Marina Abramović, in the light of Tibetan Vajrāyāna Buddhism (Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages, UIO (2012).
She has studied religion (BA) and Buddhism in Tibetan monasteries, she is an author and freelance-journalist who writes articles in art and theatre journals (Billedkunst, Norsk Shakespeare og teatertidsskrift, Kunst Pluss) and has written books about international performance art. She is a Buddhist Teacher and has written books about Tibetan Buddhism and meditation.